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Cameras are discouraged during your beach session. You paid us, so let us do all of the work.

Clothing choices (Beach):

Please wear coordinating colors, and solid colors are recommended. Most people photograph well wearing white (or matching pastel) shirts and khakis or jeans. Make sure that your clothing choices are appropriate for candid shots (nothing that needs to be tucked in or fixed every time, as that makes it very difficult for us to do what we do best). is preferable, but if you must wear shoes please wear sandals. If you wear glasses, make sure that they are not transitionals, because sometimes we cannot distinguish between actual eyeglasses and sunglasses and might miss the fact that you are the only one wearing dark shades in the family portrait! While we try to take care of every little detail at the shoot, sometimes (especially with large families and small children) we may miss the occasional untucked shirt.

Hair and Makeup:

Be aware that when we photograph you on the beach, the wind is almost always a factor to consider. It is breezy on the beach, so either wear lots of hairspray or tie your hair back.

Timing (Beach Portraits):

Try to schedule your portrait session at the beginning of your vacation. There are several reasons for this. All sessions are 'weather permitting'. Scheduling early gives us time to reschedule if we have to because of rain. You are not going to be pleased with your portrait if you are too sunburned, which is more likely to happen as you vacation for several days on the beach. Keep sunrise or sunset in mind as the best times to schedule a portrait session. Sunset is always preferable. Within a few days after your session, online proofs can be viewed and purchased on our site.

Additional Tips (Beach Portraits):

Call us on the day of your session to reconfirm the location and time. Since locations change frequently and times change as the season progresses, we will need to touch base with you on that day.

Although the DVD of all of your images is for sale, it is highly recommended that you order large sized prints from us in our online proofing section. We can only guarantee the quality of prints when you order through our professional lab.

Tips (Weddings):

Timing: Try to make sure that you allow enough time for pictures built into your timeline. Getting ready shots require a good hour to 90 minutes before the ceremony, formals require at least 30-45 minutes, and travel time from place to place needs to be considered-especially if it is during the busy summer months. While it is certainly your day, be aware that if you are not on time, you won't get the shots you wanted, your guests will suffer (especially if it is outside), the food will be cold, and the caterer will not be happy.

Weather: Make sure you have rain plans if it is an outside wedding. Mother Nature is unpredictable!

Wedding guests with cameras: Please read my blog entitled "Uncle Bob and paparazzi guests" on this issue. While it is not possible to prevent guests from taking pictures at a wedding, politeness is essential and rude paparazzi-like behavior on the part of guests can damage a memorable day. Everyone seems to think that they can be your "wedding photographer" as their wedding gift to you, but if you are paying for a true professional, PLEASE tell them to leave their cameras at home. They can ruin your special day by not knowing when to get out of the way.

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